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Kirkuk Crisis 'Not Over by Any means'

Iraq's military said Wednesday its forces recaptured control of more areas from Kurdish fighters, including the Mosul Dam, after carrying out an operation to reclaim the city of Kirkuk and oil fields in the northern part of the country.

The military statement said "security has been restored" in Kirkuk.

Refugee Food Festival Aims to Sweeten the Way to People's Hearts

A Refugee Food Festival showcasing the cooking talents of refugee chefs from five different countries has won the hearts of Geneva residents by connecting through the food of their national cuisines.

Over the past week, local chefs have turned their kitchens over to their refugee counterparts from Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and Nigeria.

Kerry on Trump Nuclear Deal: 'Reckless Abandonment of Facts'

John Kerry, the former U.S. Secretary of State, had harsh criticism for President Donald Trump's decision not to certify that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal signed by six world powers in 2015.

Kerry said the decision is a "reckless abandonment of facts in favor of ego and ideology." Kerry, who negotiated the deal, added that Trump "weakens our hand, alienates us from our allies, empowers Iranian hardliners, makes it harder to resolve North Korea and risks moving us closer to military conflict."

Hamas Leader Says Reconciliation Deal Reached With Fatah

The Palestinian Hamas faction says it has reached a deal with its rival Fatah over its political reconciliation.

Fatah leader Ismail Haniyeh issued a statement Thursday saying the two sides had struck an agreement after two days of talks in Cairo, under what he called Egypt's "generous" sponsorship. Haniyeh said details of the agreement would be announced later in the day in the Egyptian capital.

A Fatah spokesman confirmed the announcement in an interview with the French News Agency.

Iraq Orders Arrest of Kurdish Independence Election Officials

An Iraqi court on Wednesday issued arrest warrants for several officials tied to the recent referendum for Kurdish independence.

A spokesman for Iraq's Supreme Judicial Council said the court issued arrest warrants for the referendum commission chairman and two of his aides for "violating a valid court ruling, which considered the independence vote invalid."

The supreme court ruled Sept. 25 that the referendum vote would violate Iraqi law, but organizers carried out the election anyway.

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