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Latest Wildfires Prompt Resignation of Portugal's Interior Minister

Portugal's Interior Minister Constanca Urbano de Sousa resigned Wednesday after wildfires killed more than 100 people this year.

The latest fires erupted last weekend and have killed at least 41 people. They followed a fire in June that left 64 people dead.

Urbano de Sousa said in her resignation letter that "though the tragedy was caused by multiple factors, I came to the conclusion that I could not continue for the political and personal reason."

Prime Minister Antonio Costa accepted the resignation.

EU to Send Top Diplomat to US to Advocate for Iran Deal

The European Union will send its top diplomat Federica Mogherini to Washington to fight for the Iran nuclear deal, which U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to scrap.

EU foreign, ministers meeting in Luxembourg Monday, echoed concerns from international leaders over Trump's decision to decertify Iran’s compliance with the accord.

Refugee Food Festival Aims to Sweeten the Way to People's Hearts

A Refugee Food Festival showcasing the cooking talents of refugee chefs from five different countries has won the hearts of Geneva residents by connecting through the food of their national cuisines.

Over the past week, local chefs have turned their kitchens over to their refugee counterparts from Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and Nigeria.

Millions of People in Ukraine Are in Desperate Straits as Winter Approaches

the United Nations warns some 4 million people across Ukraine are facing a desperate situation as winter approaches and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance to survive the bitterly cold months ahead.

Ukraine is into its fourth year of the war, a war that the United Nations estimates has killed about 10,000 people and injured more than 23,500 others. No resolution is in sight to what has become a frozen conflict between the Kyiv government and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Spain's Prime Minister Issues Warning, Ultimatum to Catalonia

Spain is holding its annual national day celebration Thursday under the cloud of the country's biggest political crisis since a failed coup four decades ago.

Spaniards lined the streets of Madrid carrying national flags as unionists used the holiday military parade to show unity in the face of moves by Catalonia to declare independence.

The wealthy region's intention to break away has plunged Spain into its worst political crisis since an attempted military coup in 1981.

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